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Broked but not giving up

Well, Update is... I broke my right fibula at the tip... dumb accident.  Let's just say I'm a klutz.

I'm still jobless and school starts in two weeks.  I'm taking it all in stride and trying to get some exercise by not using my crutches and scooting around the house ;).

I'm hoping to get my yard stuff done before school starts and have asked a bunch of friends to come help.  Other than that, just living.  Started dating a local guy who's really sweet, we'll see how that works out.  He's very good about being around to help me out.

Anyway.. hope everyone is doing well.

Life's little pleasures.

Ok... proving I'm a geek in so many ways I just have to post about the two things that are making me bouncy today... ok more than two, but two topics :).

1st.. I'm a huge Sci-Fi fantasy geek and have gone to many Denver StarCon's over the years.  At first it was every year, then marriage to a shy non-geek happened and then no cons.  Then a couple in a row and now sporadically ever since depending on the guests and my financial situation.  But this year I really wanna go.. they've added a lot :) http://starland.com/sf-sc/sf08/

2nd Egypt.  I got my first student subscription to The Egyptian Exploration Society, http://www.ees.ac.uk/, and this is really making me bouncy :D.  I keep taking baby steps to the ultimate goal of being an Egyptologist.  And it makes me happy.

Along those same lines, I have two archaeology courses this semester that are kicking my ass, but the teacher (yes the one I have a crush on ;) ) is allowing me to do my paper topics based on my field of interest.  So of course I'm doing something on Egypt for both.  I have yet to figure out what to do for the World Prehistory course, possibly something on the Old Dynastic period, but I'm working on it.  But for the Archaeology of Power and Inequality class I am focusing on Akhenaten, my favorite Heretic.  This also makes me bouncy and I have a lot of papers to start reading and will be collecting books today.   It makes me feel good about my choice of careers when I get this happy about a 25pg research paper.

anyway.. just had to share.

And for those going through tough times right now (you know who you are), I send my love and hope you are doing ok.


Update & Thanks

I'm taking this time to relax, get my life together, and take care of a few things around the house I've been neglecting.  I think this week of no social contact outside of work and Case (the roommate is unavoidable) has really helped my head space... now if I could just find another roommate :).

Other than that I would love to thank all my friends, new &  old.  Being as today is for giving thanks for what we have.  I have a wonderful family, great friends whom I love and who love me, and a place in the world for myself.  I can't ask for anything else... accept maybe to get this school thing over with already ;).




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